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SourcingBased in Hong Kong, Aierland was founded by John O’Mahony. John has worked in China and Hong Kong since 1993. A Food Technologist, Microbiologist and Biochemist, he lectured in Universities in China and Hong Kong, Having managed a food company in Ireland for a few years he worked at QC/QA/R&D, John has also worked as an ISO lead assessor, auditing etc factories in China for people like M&S and Northern Foods.

His experience and scope is broad. He has been in many other areas. For example he has a farm, traded furniture, sourced chemicals, construction materials. packaging, vending machines, wine, tyres, gas bottles, hospital equipment to name a few.

SourcingKevin Yao (Yao jun xing) is a native of Hebei, in Northern China. Kevin is an Environmental Scientist and speaks fluent English. He has worked for 10 years in a variety of industries such as Wooden Flooring, Stainless Steel, Food Processing Equipment and Pine Chemicals.

Kevin travels all around China on behalf of our clients and is an expert at facilitating both Eastern and Western needs.

SourcingChris Hankinson.  US Sales Manager ,Chris is based in the United States and has been in the chemical industry for over ten year. He has a lot of experience in supply chain management and meeting the needs of customers.

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Kevin Yao

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Chris Hankinson


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